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1.  JD Auctions came in to prepare for an estate sale, were very sensitive to the family members loss, were kind to an elderly mother of the deceased, and were willing to work around the estate settlement time frame to prepare, show and clean the home following the sale. We would recommend them to anyone needing their services. All our contacts with them handled quickly, and they showed kindness and professionalism during the entire process. Jeanne F. (jeannefuller@hotmail.com)   09/14/17

2.To info@jdauctionsales.com Original Message From: Square Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 05:36 PM Customer Service, Wait Time, Quality, Selection

“I wish I had purchased the copper bucket you had on Saturday. Maybe you'll have something as beautiful next time.” Teresa H.

3. To info@jdauctionsales.com Original Message From: Cheryl H Sent: June 20, 2016 2:22 PM CDT. Subject: Frisco Estate Sale

I went to the estate sale that was held in Frisco this past weekend.  I have to compliment the team that worked there.  Everything was so well organized and all the team workers were extremely friendly and helpful.  I was very impressed with how the estate sale was run.  I put my name on the email list to be notified of future estate sales. Cheryl H