Your Premier Personal Property Liquidators

Terms & Conditions

The company agrees to perform services outlined in "Scope of Services" mutually agreed to by the customer and company.

The company agrees to deliver two flash drives of services performed in accordance with a "Scope of Services" to the customer within 10 business days. Customer understands that the company will not keep any copy of the flash drive. The customer is permitted and responsible for making a copy of additional flash drives as they may need for security and personal use. The information, pictures, video and music contained on the flash drives is copyrighted and customer may not use the information for any commercial means without written prior approval of JD Auctions & Sales, Inc.

While the company believes that external parties will accept the completed flash drives as a basis of the customer's property existing on the date the service was provided, it can in no way guarantee that it will be allowed by all parties.

The company will maintain Liability Insurance.

Any Appraisals conducted will be under the supervision of a certified appraiser.

The customer authorizes the company access to all items per the "Scope of Services". The customer agrees to pay for the "Scope of Service" provided.

The company will insure that no personnel used in the production of the flash drive or enter customers home without the company first securing background checks.

The customer agrees to secure all pets during the on-site production of the flash drives. Customer further agrees to be present at all times during all on-site work by the company.